Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hi everyone, and welcome to season 27 of Minor Leagues.

I'm excited I finally have access to the blog and hope to make the league a little bit better by posting on occasion. I love HBD, so my goal will be to post as often as possible. I'm thinking a minimum of at least once a week. I'm not the strongest writer. More of an oral presentation type of guy. If my blogs come through as a stream of consciousness don't hurt me.

Let's start with a little league history for the newer guys.

This league was founded by erffdogg. His HBD profile is here. http://www.whatifsports.com/hbd/pages/popups/userprofile.aspx?uid=336821

As you can tell by his seasons and WS titles the guy was dedicated to the game. Here is an interview of the man about HBD.

Erffdogg is also the reason for the erffdogg memorial league world. I would consider this the big brother to Minor Leagues as many of the owners here also participate. No offense to this world of course (Minors is actually my favorite) but the ownership has been more steady.

wholck established a rule if you were around during erff's time you are not allowed to leave. Obviously, you can do whatever you choose but I can't remember a guy leaving that was around during errf's time.

I didn't know the guy personally. I wish that I did though because we definitely share a passion for this silly baseball sim.

I hope to have a preview or rankings up soon, Maybe this weekend if I have a chance.

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