Monday, August 26, 2013


Okay, will have to do this in code a bit so as not to give that many hints but will discuss the top ten players on my board and how I am handling them. My scouting is 14 all the way around so there is some lead way for error on my part. What slots they will fall in will actually change daily as I rethink things

1. Overall 87-SS: Bad arm, good hitting, anemic health. Make a good 2B/3B. The health is too scary so I sent him to the curb.

2. Overall 86-2B: Not that great at 2B and his arm really isn't good enough for RF either. Good hitter with power unfortunately he hit the curb also because of his Bio. Though I have thought about changing my approach and taking him with the 6th overall pick and get the pick next year as his chances of signing are very slim but worth the chance.

3. Overall 83-LF: I moved him down the board to the 8th slot because the best he could be is a 1B. Could be a very good OBP hitter with a little pop and I might reconsider.

4. Overall 82-SS: Could be that big GG SS but hitting isn't that great. Not real keen on his lackluster Makeup but is in the 3rd slot at the moment.

5. Overall 82-P: The best starting pitcher on my board and meeting the projecteds is gonna be tough. I don't see him as a Cy Young candidate but needs says he has to be in my #1 slot.

6. Overall 81-3B: 3B is very doubtful at the ML level and might struggle to find a position in all reality.  One of those that is too good for 1B but not good enough for COF. Hitting could be good with some power. Under the circumstances he winds up in the 7 spot.

7. Overall 81-2B: 2B is not really his forte though it is close. Hitting looks good but deceiving I think. To me he projects too high to be viable but only pushed down to the 6th spot.

8. Overall 81-SS: SS is very doubtful except in a backup role but would make a very good 3B and maybe 2B. Hitting isn't great but does have some power. Currently resides in the 4th spot.

9. Overall 80-2B: Could be a GG 2B/CF, well he projects there anyway. Health is an issue. Hitting might be on the powerful side but may be inconsistent. I actually kicked him to the curb.

10. Overall 80-LF: Best he could be is a 1B. Could be a surprisingly good hitter. I have no need for 1B so he got pushed down a long way.

11. Overall 80-SS: Could be an outstanding 3B as he is no where near SS status. Hits well but the contact just isn't there to be too successful. May have to rethink him but still won't make my top ten.


Enrique Cruz was offered $6.2M by the Oklahoma City Indians. He could be a nice addition to the pen as a long reliever as I don't think he has enough Stamina/Durability to be a starter. Being a bit of a Health risk also didn't help his going price very much. However his pitching abilities are definitely not in question as they could be top-notch. For the price a very good buy.

Onelki Santos chased down a $5.9M bonus with the Toledo Mud Hens. We will give him the benefit of the doubt that he could be a GG SS. Hitting with power is good but not often and can only do it against lefties maybe. Price might be high as he would probably fall into the second round pick comparatively.

Felipe Diaz sunk in with the Charleston RiverDogs for $4.3M. Health was a risk many turned down.  Pitching abilities are there but could be relegated to to the pen with a lackluster Stamina. Still me thinks it is a relatively good buy.

Yoo-Nah Wang chimed in with a $3.5M buy in with the Boise Hawks. Not sure he has the ability for 3B and may wind up in COF at the ML level if he gets that far. His hitting has lots of power just not much consistency to go with it. Really, everything is in the name and the Yoohoo Girlz just love his bottle.

Lonny Zumaya only gets a mention here because I bid on him initially and was his #1 choice for 4 days. Never got a message that someone else was interested except when he signed, "Money bird gets the worm." grrrr.. For $750K more than one was bidding me thinks.  I like defensive PC catchers but I wouldn't have went that high for him so I am not thoroughly disgusted.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

For the Lack of Anything Better

It has been the most boring season I have ever seen. I have seen 30 plus Internationals and haven't seen one yet that is really worth bidding on though I do have one of those hard to find cream pies on the radar. He is holding out to see if someone else bites I guess.

It is hard when you are this far in the season and the highest paid player is Felipe Diaz who was yanked from the rolls with a seemingly generous offer of $4.3M by Charleston. He really looks like he could be a great ML middle reliever at some point if he doesn't trip over a rosin bag and break his arm.

Yoo-Nah Wang tied up loose ends and joined Boise for $3.5M. Not real sure he can play 3B all that well if at all and might wind up at COF or 1B if at all.  Has all kinds of power but has to hit the ball first which doesn't look like a priority.

I would tell ya about the teams in first place, the pretenders etc..but everyone can look at the standings and see that. And they do look very odd to me.

I could tell ya about Albuquerque, they are the best 6-27 team I have ever seen in my life time here. The only thing I can't tell ya about is their managerial settings. I have looked at the box scores and players for the last 6 or 7 games and can't find anything out of the way.

Then again look at my team. Yeah, we don't have the great pitching but we are not getting clobbered. We can field but hitting is something totally foreign to these guys for some reason. I am so confused I have given up any hope.

Maybe something will happen that is exciting enough to really write about soon.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NL Prognostication

Since everyone is waiting with baited breath.

NL North

Scranton held off Buffalo last year for the division crown after a phenomenal start by Toledo. They certainly don't make it easy. After looking thing over quite carefully I tend to think Scranton has the better overall team if used correctly. In my estimation Toledo may have the better pitching staff but the offense is lacking and may succumb to the "Dog Days".  Buffalo looks to be right there and once again will go down to the wire and I definitely don't count them out. Burlington has taken it in the shorts the last couple of seasons and this one will be no exception as it rebuilds but will flabbergast teams at home.

NL East

Louisville ran away with the division last year and they assume it will again this year, could that be a misconception?  Now to the meat and bones of the situation believe it or not.  Louisville actually has the best lineup at the moment though not by much and the worst pitching staff of the four. So it should turn out to be tight race between all four. Augusta is playing short handed for a while and I can see why and could clearly turn things up a notch shortly. I would put more faith in the River Dogs if they had a better semblance of a catcher.  I like the Tides pitching staff but the offense lacks the oommphh.

NL South

New Orleans and Jackson fought to the end last season with the Zeps coming out on top. Don't let the start of the season foll anybody. New Orleans and Jackson will be poking at each other in the end. Iowa City is a sleeper and will be very tough to beat at home. Little Rock is improving but too many ferocious opponents will make them travel too far.

NL West

Vancouver has owned this division for a while even though Las Vegas made a great showing last season. Don't expect a repeat performance as the Canadians should be triumphant and could easily reach the promised land this time around. Las Vegas is an interesting place to play and its players are deceiving but we don't think they have what it takes. Fresno and Albuquerque just don't have enough tigers in the tank to sustain a long season.

Yeah, the upset of the season since I am going with my heart in choosing Augusta and Buffalo over Louisville.

1. New Orleans
2. Vancouver
3. Scranton
4. Augusta
5. Buffalo
6. Jackson

Monday, August 12, 2013

AL Prognostication

There is a two day window before the season stats for this and normally I take advantage of it. This time around though real life got in the way of my fake life which happens from time to time. Better late than never I think, ohh gave that up years ago.

AL North
Last year Salt Lake won the division crown. Will they prevail again? They have the personnel to do it. They will be pestered all season long from their division mates but have the fortitude to do it again.
Syracuse has made great strides to become competitive and they are very close. They will give Salt Lake a run for their money but lack depth in the pitching department that is still in the throws of strengthening in the minors.
Rochester has enough in the tank to be misleading but if anything goes wrong there isn't much in the recovery wagon to be hopeful for.
Fargo is relatively young with some key vets thrown in. They are looking better than past teams but are not quite ready for the limelight as of yet.

AL East
This division could be wild and wooly as all four teams will be highly competitive.  Rochester won it all last year but now they are under new management and reside in Dover. They have some aging vets holding on for one more season so it may not be easy for them.
New Britain does look the strongest. Any team that decides Wascar Martin can't play at the ML level must be loaded.
The Durham Bulls may be an up and comer. They have been rebuilding and it could be time for the dividends to pay off but somewhere the youthfulness eludes me.
Pawtucket are no slouches either and could darn their way into the playoff picture also.

AL South
Last year half of the playoff teams came from this division, don't expect a repeat performance..err well maybe. Don't look now but this could actually be a four horse race.
After looking things over, Montgomery appears to have the strongest team but can they recapture the crown?
Jacksonville looks good enough to move up in the world.
Richmond doesn't look like last years team for some reason.
El Paso might just be a dark horse surprise that can't be taken lightly.

AL West
Salem won the World Series last season and looks to repeat that feat and has the team ready and willing to do it.
Both Boise and Omaha may have something to say about that however. They aren't going to roll over and play dead as both a very playoff worthy.
Oklahoma City is biding their time rebuilding and what a rebuild it is shaping up to be.

This is gonna be tough as I am throwing the crystal ball out the window for false information this year so far.

1. Salem 
2. Salt Lake
3. Montgomery
4. New Britain
5. Syracuse 
6. Omaha in a very cramped tight one. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hall Of Fame Voting

Yes it Hall Of Fame voting time and as usual it brings a few tense moment between owners and their favorites.  The most important thing is that you vote. Now there was a little chatter about Cesar Chavez.

I actually like Chavez to be in the Hall one day but in my opinion there are better players.  He has the hardware and pretty decent stats and was more impressed with his RBI's and Stolen Bases.  The let down to me was the amount of strike outs per season and the number of home runs hit. He was after all in a somewhat neutral home park, can't remember if this one favors pitchers or hitters in its neutrality but it isn't much.

As comparison, I offer Adam Carter who did more with a bat with a hell of lot less plate appearances than Chavez. Of course I am not voting for Carter either though I think he deserves heavy consideration also even though he was primarily a DH.

I did vote for Pat Anderson because it isn't easy to get a power hitter that played a decent 2B. His entire career with one organization is not an easy accomplishment also. Yeah, his home park was neutral to Home Runs but it favors pitchers heavily.

Grover Singleton drew high marks from me as did Nicky Throneberry and Chick Hogan along with Carter.

McKay Cassidy, Stone Coveleski, Vin Kerr, Albie Marrero, Fernando Mercado, Reid Monroe, Turner Rollins, Phil Stevenson and Jeremi Webster drew interest from me in the pitching department.

I finally settled on Cassidy, Kerr, Marrero and Monroe. If I had another vote I would have went with Mercado.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rule 5

There was a lot of picking over in the Rule 5 draft, mainly because there wasn't much to pick from.  Point in fact, Fresno either passed with the first pick not finding anything worth having, messed up the settings or just plainly forgot. Was one of the smaller drafts I have as only 18 were chosen. How many will hit the waiver wire tomorrow is another story.

The first player taken was Morgan Brantley by Burlington.  Huh, why didn't I protect him? Truthfully, if he was a real SS I would have but other than that, oh well.  Not much of a hitter, does have speed but the best he could play is 3B/RF.

Dana Schalk went second being picked up by Durham. He was #1 in my chart and probably many more. Why not, he could be a GG at 2B or CF. Has speed but isn't a great hitter.

Next we had Norfolk taking Michael Lee. Listed as a 1B but to me that is very debatable.  At the plate he isn't half bad with a little pop in the ole bat and could get better but we kind of doubt it.

Geovany Montero was picked up by the RiverDogs. RF could be a bit of a stretch but was chosen because of a halfway decent bat and his speed.

The Diablos chimed in next with Tim Sager. I bet Rochester was scratching their head over my pick. I actually thought about this for quite some time, like off and on for most of the day. Just needed a GG backup type to play several positions as I have two other SS's on the roster and both are aging.  So what if he isn't much of a hitter, neither are the other two. Believe it or not I had to look hard to find him as he was ranked in the 90's.

We thought Cristobal Neruda would smile after he was summoned by Albuquerque, it just didn't happen.  Not that great in RF and hitting is pretty blase if you ask me but can blaze a trail to the bathroom.

Fargo got in the act by sending bus tickets to Glen Raymond to play in the wheat fields. 3B? In whose dreams? RF is a iffy maybe even though comparatively just as good.  Does have the keenness to slap the ball around with a little pop and steal a base here and there.

Santo Peralta became the first pitcher taken. Little Rock loves the selection and he could be a very nice Setup B type pitcher.

Syracuse snagged Minnie King without batting an eyelash. The only catcher taken as there wasn't anything to be proud of in that realm. Wonder if he was named after Pearl?  It was easy to see why New Orleans didn't protect him as he isn't much of a catcher. Hits with power and terrorizes lefties. Question remains as to whether he could be a DH.

Iowa City went for some pen help also with the likes of Albert Upshaw. He could be a nice addition as a Setup B role. My thoughts is if he doesn't improve after this season, he could very likely find his way back to the minors.

Omaha picks Ricky Farrell for the pen. Our thoughts here is that he might look decent on paper but not on the field.

Nick Osborne picked Dover, yup you read Nick is listed as a 2B, I'm wondering if he can actually find it. Could have some fun at COF though.  Hits with awesome power when he isn't striking out that is which is probably most of the time. Everybody likes to watch hem waddle around the bases also.

Willis Miller was the only starting pitcher chosen in the first round. Not sure Jackson was really happy or not about the selection. Willis does have control issues as he is either bouncing them across the plate or sneaking them by the batters at eye level, sometimes near the eyes.

Andy Simms was the last player taken in the first round as Scranton made a conciliatory offer.  Listed as a SS but most would put him nowhere but 3B at the ML level. Not a bad hitter as he makes the other team work for the out at least.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free Agent Signings

It has been a slow process this season as few Type A's have been signed and it is getting late. But here is a run down of the key players involved.

Ubaldo Villa was the first to ink a deal with Richmond. Money wasn't the issue has he signed quick and wasn't a real bother to the purse strings. It might be that it was expected he would be a DH but it looks like Richmond intends to play him at 1B, the reason New Orleans gave up on him.

New Orleans lost another by the name of Alberto Domingo. I am inclined to believe that he was over priced as his proclivity as a closer is not ideal. Montgomery gave up a lot of money to find out if he can do the job.

Durham made off with Russell Koskie from Omaha. He was holding out for more money that didn't come his way. He is a very good lefty starter in my books but may not have the real ability to sustain him. That might account for his up and down seasons.

Montgomery stayed with the pitching game signing Pablo Guillen to a rather large salary considering his age. Hopefully there is an escape clause for the last year. The on-off again pitcher hopes to bring stability to a recent perennial powerhouse.

I never thought I would see the day when a pitcher with less than 50 control would be a Type A, let alone garner what I would call a humpty salary. Charleston seems to be unmoved by it and so should we I think.

I must be missing the boat on this one as Pawtucket must have gotten into a bidding war for Brad D'Amico.  Yes he can play RF and attempt to play a decent 3B. He hits with power but really, is he worth that much with his somewhat low contact?

Scranton made the deal of the week, to me anyway, signing Turner Flores to a measly 3 year deal. I saw him late last night and was about to transfer money to bid on him but waited because I hate losing money transferring. Why I didn't see him earlier is beyond me except I wasn't looking for a 2B/CF. My attitude says he is better than D'Amico any day of the week.

With the remainder of the day to go, I expect several more Type A's to be signed. I did have a problem finding some of them as their starting price tag is usually the dead give away. Now for the Type B's:

Yadier Castillo signed a nice deal with Rochester. He may be much better than a couple of the Type A's if you ask me.

Buffalo wanted a hitting catcher and signed Domingo Francisco cheaply. Not really that great at catching anymore but can still put the ball in play.

Las Vegas wanted a middle reliever and put forth the effort to sign Eric Reynolds. Though it seems he wasn't thoroughly tested as of yet, looks to be a mainstay. So much so that I would have considered a five year deal.

Toledo loses one signs another in Lance Wilson. Not 100% sure on this but we think Toledo came out on top over the situation. I just like Wilson better than Castillo.

Did Dover sign  Al Sanchez to be their closer?  A true ageless veteran that can get the job done.

Fresno sneaks in with the singing of Chun-Lim Sasaki. Hopefully they got him to play 1B as he didn't look comfortable in LF.

William Baek signed on with New Briton. Good hitting, now the question remains is whether he won't look a fool at 1B as he won't get by on looks alone.

Fresno eeks in with  Anthony Bottalico to play either 2B or CF and maybe both. Although great defensively can have trouble with luck at the plate.

Herman Vernon signed with Jackson while everyone else was out trying to get a more high profile player. We think he could be a shut down closer if given the chance.

Diory Tabaka signed a deal with Albuquerque.  Shows to be a decent lefty but we wonder if he is really cut out to be a starter.

While everyone was out trying to find that big power hitter, El Paso finds DaRond Person sitting all alone waiting on a call. Yup, we didn't get him for the backup catcher role, DH will be the place for him. Joining him is Johnny Garcia playing 1B and he didn't even rate a Type B, along with Alex Gomez could make a very cheap fearsome threesome.

Here is one for ya,  Salt Lake signs Greg Menechino for more or less a vast sum of money and he was neither a Type A or B.

Coach Gathering

Here is some thoughts on coach hiring this season or at least my thoughts on why I did what I did. Is that like a doo doo...maybe I need to bring some ass-wipe to this session.

I hired Nate Duncan to be my Bench Coach because he has a high Strategy. Actually that isn't true at all, first of all I personally think paying a lot of money for a personal assistant is outlandish. Then again you need them in the minors so you need them at the Major League level, right? I thank Boise for honing his skills the last five years. He is young but very talented if you ask me that is the reason for hiring him. He may not be that great on the hitting line but pitching, fielding and base-running is a hard three-some to pass up. And to think he only wanted a AA job to begin with, wonder if he made a mess in his pants when I offered him the job?

Earl Cook was hired as the 1B coach because he was being groomed for the job the past couple of years by me. The players really didn't respond all that well at AAA in his hitting role, he just doesn't have the patience. He was also one of the best options available for the position so why not promote him.

Midre Alfonseca was an easy rehire. He is actually growing into the role rather nicely. He isn't very disciplined but gets the job done. I was very surprised that he wanted to stay for another year and I imagine he will fly the coop next year.

Bartolo Chavez wasn't my first choice for the pitching job.  Why fight the market over another coach that is only going to give you a small amount of betterment? Hopefully he will want to stay another year as last years coach wanted more money than he was actually worth if you ask me. Then again OKC must have been fighting over him, it was a crush at first sight.

Alberto Telemaco was just sitting around on the sofa watching TV when I called. So he isn't very loyal and it might hurt his reputation quite a bit. What he does have is quite a resume for a youngster. He really wanted a pitching coach position but beggars can't be all that choosey. Besides if Chavez wants to test the waters again I think Alberto will want the better job next year.

Tsuyoshi Sung isn't on any ones hitting radar for sure. He likes it in El Paso however and that is good enough for me. Comparatively he isn't considered middle tier to his peers even but strives to get better albeit very slowly.

I was perplexed when Andre Watson left and flew into the arms of another. As a Bench Coach no less, how could you Jose? Enter Todd Darwin who wasn't being courted by anyone and I just appeasingly took him to be my newest FI.  Not sure I can trust him staying around, it appears he has wondering eyes and gotta keep him away from the Pepsi and Bud Girlz.