Friday, March 22, 2013

Final Three

Last series of the season and there is still meaning.


Vancouver has the #1 seed.

Buffalo needs a win over Scranton to take the division and the #2 seed. Talk about an exciting finish.

Louisville has the #3 seed.

New Orleans has the #4 seed.

Scranton has the #5 seed but could switch places with Buffalo in a sweep.

Albuquerque and Colorado Springs get to fight it out for the #6 seed. Oh, so much fun.

Charleston is not out of the picture yet, a sweep of Louisville and a 2-1 split either way between Albuquerque and Colorado Springs means they can claim the #6 seed. 


Tacoma needs a win against Boise to secure the #1 seed

Montgomery needs two wins over El Paso or two losses by Sioux Falls to claim the #2 seed. I have only beaten one team in the division all season and it isn't the Biscuits, figure that one out.

Sioux Falls can do no worse than the #3 seed.

New Britain needs a win over Rochester to put the division and #4 seed to bed otherwise Rochester will be doing the show.

Omaha has gone on a 7 game losing skid and the #5 seed could be in jeopardy but a playoff spot is in the bag at least.

Richmond needs a win against Jacksonville to claim the #6 seed.

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