Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playoff Races

With 12 games to go there are some playoff spots still up for grabs.


1.  Vancouver grabbed the division crown in the West long ago and has secured the the #1 seed.
2.  Buffalo has kept Scranton at arms length much of the season in the North but 5 games is not in their comfort zone with a 3 game series yet to play at seasons end.
3.  Louisville claims the East crown and the #3 seed barring a total meltdown.
4.  New Orleans is rather comfortable with a 7 game lead and a rather easy schedule after upending the Generals in a sweep and control of the South. The problem is those should win games can become mindboggling frustrating.
5.  Scranton winds up the #5 seed if they can't overtake Buffalo.
6.  Albuquerque is lightly penciled in as the #6 seed as Charleston, Colorado and Jackson are all with in 3. Albuquerque still has Vancouver and Colorado Springs on their schedule, not helpful for the faint of heart.  Colorado Springs isn't much better with Scranton, Buffalo and the aforementioned Isotopes, egads! Open door for Charleston maybe, doubtful with Scranton and Louisville on the schedule. Jackson compared to the rest has a schedule that could easily put them into the playoffs.


1.  Today it is Tacoma that holds down the #1 seed. Montgomery may claim the spot tomorrow. Yet again, Sioux Falls could scratch their way to the top before it is over. 
2.  Montgomery at the moment as the projected South champs.
3.  Sioux Falls has the North division crown and still fighting like a mad hen to garner a top seed.
4.  New Britain has a tenuous 3 game lead in the East over Rochester. 
5.  Omaha has a 6 game lead for the 5th spot but are only 5 behind Tacoma and yes, they still play each other. 
6.  Rochester and Richmond are both tied for the 6th spot. Rochester still has Tacoma and New Britain on their schedule so that doesn't ease the faithful nerves but have been playing rather well of late. Richmond has a much easier schedule but have found the going very tough lately. 

Hoping for a collapse by both of those teams is Jacksonville who has been trying to take matters into their own hands but hasn't been successful.

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