Friday, May 3, 2013

First INternational of the Season Signs

The Mud Hens acted first in the International market as they signed Willie Torres with a $3.4M bonus. I find that his glove could be a little under and his arm erratic for a good SS but should be rather serviceable at that position. At the plate he shows some power and can be keen against right handed pitchers when he makes contact. A very good signing.

I also perceive the guy everyone is making a fuss over that dropped Torres like a hot potato. I didn't bid on Torres initially and started to with Mota. But I had second thoughts just after I hit the Submit Offer button that caused me to immediately hit the Withdraw button. Here is why. One, trust in my scouts, as I don't have that much doubt in their abilities as a judge of character. Two, position limited. Three, after seeing his signability tag, decided it would cost too much to coax him to play for us if at all. I could actually kick myself in the end for not going after Torres as it it much harder fingering a quality SS/CF than a power hitting DH.


  1. LOL Glad I wasn't the only one who thought this when I read the latest "news". I guess I'll be the first to actually come forward with my identity though.