Thursday, May 30, 2013

Iffy Picks

Draftees become iffy when their Bio doesn't say "Will sign for slot money". There are several warning messages that prompt the buyer beware slogan. If one doesn't want to be burdened with these types in the draft,  set the "Very Conservative" option in the draft settings. I sometimes set it to "Conservative" if there is a player on my board I think is worth going after in the first round only. The Conservative setting usually means the player will usually sign at some point but that is not totally guaranteed.

I don't go after iffy picks after the first round because they are usually not worth it and want a lot of money.  I know OK City has Chris Falk in the 5th round and he wants $8.5M to sign. He doesn't have very good control and his splits might be borderline with some very good pitches. Too me he isn't worth that kind of money because his chances of actually being a ML pitcher is slim.  Why do you think he slipped to the 5th round? Most ML players come from the first three rounds btw, except catchers.

List of possible messages.

Looking to be drafted in the first round. If not, he'll probably accept a scholarship to play DI college baseball. - Most generally sign after a while if drafted in the first round.

Looking to be selected in the first five rounds. If not, he'll probably head back to college for his senior season. - I wish they would do away with this one, once declared can they go back? I haven't had any problems signing this type in the first round at least.

May sign if the deal is right. Has been offered several scholarships to play college baseball at a DI school. They usually sign if they are drafted in the first round after that I would rather see them go to college anyway myself.

May sign if the deal is right. If not, he'll head back to college for his senior season. I have signed these ones in different rounds, normally the first five without any difficulty. They usually don't ask for much over slot money.

Probably won't sign. For any reason these guys are costly if they do sign. I have seen them go for $9M before and it could take all season long. They seldom sign also.

Undecided. For any reason these guys can be just as costly. They are in the seldom sign list also.

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