Friday, July 5, 2013

Award Voting

It is time to think about voting for player awards for the season. If you don't vote the vote foes to the first player on the list in each category automatically. Therefore a little consideration is in order. Also some stumping for votes is in order as I am stuck on  couple.


A lot can be said of all the individuals in the list. Canseco played a great 3B though his average seemed a little low but had some nice power numbers with all those doubles and dingers. Menechino was an OBP machine with some pop and played a good LF. Marichal put up some good numbers and played a GG 1B, well over rated for that position, but looks like a red herring to me. Candelaria had a great season as his average seemed a little high for his ratings, struck out too much for my taste. Chong had the homers but the rest just didn't match his capabilities. So it turns into a toss up with Conseco and Menechino, I like both but tend to lean toward the tougher position myself.


My first though was "WOW!" four guys with an average over .300 and two with OPS at 1.000. Hines played 1B instead of COF and easily won the GG, struck out a bunch though but stilled had a very good average. Molina led the league in hitting with a .346 average and a .437 OBP and has speed to boot, played a poor LF and probably should play 1B. Diaz put up some good numbers and played a good LF, 43 doubles and 40 homers is hard to come by. DeLeon, I thought at first may have been a bit of a joke but really didn't hit to his capabilities in my mind but had some good power numbers, shame on the manager for not having 2B listed as he had more errors than necessary as he was playing out of position.  White played very well but is hampered by his durability which actually limits his AB's quite a bit compared to the rest of the field. I have to go with Molina here as he has the all around numbers.

AL Cy Young

Jacob Vaughn hands down is my choice, such good numbers.

NL CY Young

I am actually up in the air on this one as Julio Guillen has the best record and good numbers but Clay Thomas has better overall numbers but his record comes up a bit short. Tough one to decide on.

AL Rookie

Wasn't all that impressed until I hit Alcides Rojas and Al Herrera. The question now is which one deserves it the most?

NL Rookie

Joseph Nomo heads a fine cast of pitchers and he can hit a little too.

Side Note:  Patrick Piper rides into the record books as he set a new threshold with 33 Good Plays in CF breaking the old record of 31 held by Benny Torres.

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