Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coach Gathering

Here is some thoughts on coach hiring this season or at least my thoughts on why I did what I did. Is that like a doo doo...maybe I need to bring some ass-wipe to this session.

I hired Nate Duncan to be my Bench Coach because he has a high Strategy. Actually that isn't true at all, first of all I personally think paying a lot of money for a personal assistant is outlandish. Then again you need them in the minors so you need them at the Major League level, right? I thank Boise for honing his skills the last five years. He is young but very talented if you ask me that is the reason for hiring him. He may not be that great on the hitting line but pitching, fielding and base-running is a hard three-some to pass up. And to think he only wanted a AA job to begin with, wonder if he made a mess in his pants when I offered him the job?

Earl Cook was hired as the 1B coach because he was being groomed for the job the past couple of years by me. The players really didn't respond all that well at AAA in his hitting role, he just doesn't have the patience. He was also one of the best options available for the position so why not promote him.

Midre Alfonseca was an easy rehire. He is actually growing into the role rather nicely. He isn't very disciplined but gets the job done. I was very surprised that he wanted to stay for another year and I imagine he will fly the coop next year.

Bartolo Chavez wasn't my first choice for the pitching job.  Why fight the market over another coach that is only going to give you a small amount of betterment? Hopefully he will want to stay another year as last years coach wanted more money than he was actually worth if you ask me. Then again OKC must have been fighting over him, it was a crush at first sight.

Alberto Telemaco was just sitting around on the sofa watching TV when I called. So he isn't very loyal and it might hurt his reputation quite a bit. What he does have is quite a resume for a youngster. He really wanted a pitching coach position but beggars can't be all that choosey. Besides if Chavez wants to test the waters again I think Alberto will want the better job next year.

Tsuyoshi Sung isn't on any ones hitting radar for sure. He likes it in El Paso however and that is good enough for me. Comparatively he isn't considered middle tier to his peers even but strives to get better albeit very slowly.

I was perplexed when Andre Watson left and flew into the arms of another. As a Bench Coach no less, how could you Jose? Enter Todd Darwin who wasn't being courted by anyone and I just appeasingly took him to be my newest FI.  Not sure I can trust him staying around, it appears he has wondering eyes and gotta keep him away from the Pepsi and Bud Girlz.

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