Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Little News

I have to applaud my Low A Diablos, 24 wins in a row is a nice streak you don't see very often. You would think they would be in first place but they barely gained 5 games on the front running Braves. I have seen a 22 win streak by a ML team but I tell you that is very rare.

The International Market has taken a beating this season. Anybody with a decent pulse is getting some money though it isn't the big bills.

Alving Megias got $1.2M from Charleston. Looks decent for a lefty but his pitches ain't all that sophisticated.

Javier Unamuno picked up a $2.2M payday from Oklahoma City. Touted as a 3B but we have a hard time believing he can play above the 1B position.  Seems to strike out a lot but does connect for home runs.

Oklahoma City also signed  Albert Suarez for $1.4M.  Another project player that just doesn't have the splits.

El Paso went hog wild over Yadier Espinoza with a $13M payday.  Diablos think he is better than what the scouts are seeing. I kinda doubt it really but was the best prospect I have seen all season.

Tomas Samuel got $1.2M from Salt Lake.  If his splits get better than what we see then there is a good chance. Still worth the money the way I see it.

Pawtucket made head-lines signing James Gao for $16M.  Many teams got out early as he isn't the greatest hitter with cataracts. Still, how can you pass up on what could turn out to be a GG SS that has decent power, contact and splits?

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