Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Butch News

Mal asked an interesting question about Butch Stewart that I just had to go snooping and finger out the situation. Two of the ten errors were dropped foul balls. Don't ask me how this is possible because it is one of those errors you hardly ever see. Since his glove and range is phenominal it doesn't seem realistic to this game but it might be that he is trying too hard. In a nutshell, he gets to the impossible catch and drops it, more than likely, can't hold on. All the others have been throwing errors. Even with a pretty good arm, shit happens. The shit in this case is a 1B that isn't all that defensive minded and should be left out of the pick off attempt equation. Further enhancing the trouble is a 2B that isn't great at covering the bag on steals, getting there or catching it if he does. The SS can get to the bag on a steal, catching it might be a tricky situation at times. We certainly can't pin the problem on the Fielding Instructor.

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