Monday, September 23, 2013

The Flirty Forty

So if your 40 and single with a good job the young sexy chicks at the bar might be checking you out. Oh wait, in your dreams.  Umm, yeah this is about the last forty games of the season especially those that have a shot at the playoffs.  For some that is still a dream.

AL North

Salt Lake looks to have a handle on things with a 10 game lead.

AL East

New Britain also has a 10 game lead and looks to go unhindered into the playoffs.

AL South

Is this division as inept as their records indicate?  Looks can be deceiving sometimes but the title is still up for grabs as the Biscuits have faltered and the Braves have picked up ground albeit slowly.

AL West

Salem has a 22 game lead and looks primed to take the #1 seed though they still need to shake loose from New Britain's prying eyes.

The Wild Card race might wind up to be a free-for-all before the season ends. Dover stands atop the fold here with Fargo holding onto the second slot.  Neither one can get too complacent as there are seven other teams that could get hot and make a run at them.

NL North

Stands to reason that Buffalo and Scranton are having their seemingly annual tiff.

NL East

The Bats got pissed at me at the beginning of the season and decided to really prove they are the team to beat.

NL South

Maybe it is pick on the South teams this season. New Orleans is atop but everybody is still in the race for the title

NL West

Vancouver holds the lead and a slim run for the #1 seed at the moment. Those pesky Wranglers are getting ready for another round up so things aren't that definitive. 

Las Vegas and Scranton hold the Wild Card slots at the moment.  Truth be told, unless something drastic happens not much of a race here.

I have seen some odd seasons but this one seems to take the cake.  First the draft may have been deep but in all reality I didn't see any real stars to be all that thrilled about. The International Market has been a crap shoot with too many broken porcelain thrones. Eight teams in the South division and only one with a winning record at the moment. That may not seem odd except last year the worst of these teams had 69 wins and 5 of them were in the playoffs. 

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