Monday, April 29, 2013

Hall of Fame Voting

Hall of Fame voting is upon us and it is time to look at serious candidates. I have looked over the contingency and have chosen already. That doesn't mean I can't change my vote to make sure we get in at least three or more if the congregation is acceptable. No I am not stumping for votes for anyone. But here is my preliminary choices so far.

Position players - I only found two I would vote for.

Roger Butler - Why? 1664 stolen bases is why. 2103 hits was a little over 1 per game played.

Joaquin Segui - Why? 2609 hits with 669 home runs and a .294 life time average.

Pitchers - I actually found several to vote for but this was the top of my list.

Vin Kerr - Why? 675 saves is hard to come by. 10 time All-Star and 4 time Fireman is not to shabby either.

Reid Monroe - Why? Hard to find a consistent pitcher year in and year out. 223 wins is good and 2 Cy Youngs  go along way at capturing my vote.

Albie Marrero - Why? 8 time All-Star, 2 Cy Youngs and 225 wins. Seems good enough to me.

Pitchers on the cusp:

McKay Cassidy - It was hard not voting for him, 256 wins is nothing to shake a stick at. Only 1 Cy Young though was the sticking point.

Pedro Arroyo - It was really tough comparing him to Kerr. Only 512 Saves and one Fireman award but still had a winning record plus an ERA well under 3.

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