Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rule 5 Analysis

A wondrous  thing the Rule 5 draft is. The ability to raid other teams to find talent. Of course that talent is usually flawed in some shape way or form. A few teams actually make money off the deal, how cool is that. So lets take a look at the fractured fairy tale of a first round.

1. John Magee - Durham: Ability to play LF is in question and I would say the best place is 1B.  Has a good eye and a little power but his plate taste is pretty raw in all reality. He is over projected because of his great general abilities.

2. Dave Crain - Memphis: They say he can play 2B, I don't buy it myself.  He can hit some with power but nothing all that consistent.

3. Cristobal Andujar - El Paso: I actually had three I was interested in and went with the youngster. So if ya want a cheap seasoned defensive veteran catcher, go look on the waiver wire. Has some very good catching skills which I like. Hitting isn't the greatest but should actually be an improvement.

4. Jose Lima - Ok City: Really looks like a nice pitcher until you see his stamina and realize he is a specialist.  They don't have much staying power on a 25 man roster. Best thing to do is throw this fish back into the sea.

5. Asdrubal Montana - Fargo:  He isn't great but very serviceable. Has very low durability for a pen pitcher however.

6. J.T. Brand- Atlanta:  Not exactly what I call a SS but does have the acumen to play several highly regarded positions well enough. Can hit some so sticking with the team may seem rather likely.

7. Edgar Duran - Las Vegas: This guy made it out of AA how? His ML stats from last year should provide a little inkling.

8. Jeanmar Ibarra - Jackson: A very serviceable pen pitcher with a durability a tad low maybe.

9. Danys Servet - Albq: Has a few things going for him like he can play most positions well enough to be a backup though SS is his worst but 2B looks like a great idea.  Average eye and high contact allows him to avoid strikeouts but not a real threat at the plate.

10. Robin Rusch - Seattle: Has some growing ability but not enough to play 2B. Could turn into a bit of a hitter but nothing great.

11. Elston Briggs - Omaha: Really a quandary with this guy as he isn't all that great at 2B and arm really isn't all that great for RF. Can hit against lefties though. His health isn't all that good either.

12. Victor Aramboles - Louisville: Maybe the best backup on the board as he can play all positions. Hitting isn't great but can bunt. By the way, his contract excludes him from playing hacky sack even.

Other players of interest:

Tino Friend - Durham: I find he is good pickup because he is a starter though I wouldn't consider him for rotation duty unless absolutely necessary. Out of the pen he could do a fine job most of the time in limited action.

Jim Roth - Ok City: A better selection than the first round dud.

Dan Priest - Atlanta: Don't know why but I just like this guy.

Javier Escuela - Albq: I am still scratching my head over this pick.  Are they in the AL? I have a hard time classifying him anything other than a DH.

Isaac Watkins - Durham: Pulling off another stunner in all reality. Nothing fancy but serviceable for a season or two.

Clarence Bieser - Ok City: This guy makes the list because I quickly noticed he was a PED user (Diamond in the Rough). Will he advance enough to actually become a ML pitcher is questionable. Will he stay healthy enough is another.

George Grissom - Jackson: I think he could actually be a 5th starter if needed.

O.T. Culver - Ok City: Only because it took them 4 rounds to actually find a pitcher that can help them.

Naoki Matsui - Seattle: I think he can play second, hit well and run. His health might be a drawback but overall his general appearance is one of the strangest I have seen. No temper or patience, must mean a laid back DIY kind of guy.


  1. Haha ... oh I just love this. Even though I got roasted - I appreciate the advice and time you took to helping me, and I would bet others, understand what makes for a successful draft. Thanks!

  2. Guess that fish I threw back into the sea someone else caught it. So I don't feel so bad about my "first round dud".