Saturday, April 27, 2013

News that is the News

Time is running out to hire coaches so put your bids in now or have them picked for you. Some say having them picked for you isn't all that bad, I have never done it though.

If you haven't checked your players to protect them from the Rule V draft, now is the time as it is also running out. I know you can't protect them all, but what you really need to look at is their value to the ML team. Some things are relatively easy to figure out in this arena. If a player is above 50 in each area of his hitting ratings is pretty given he should probably be protected, though it does depend on capable positions. Owners like to find a backup SS or CF, so watch those defensive players. Catchers are also heavily sought after, especially the ones with a high PC rating that have some success at the plate. Players with a power rating above 80 are looked at also especially if they have a good eye and contact or one of those with good splits. Pitchers are extremely looked at including me as I could take one with the 5th pick. Not sure what everyone else looks at but I have three or so I could easily upgrade thru the draft. What I look for is high control and the first 2 pitches then I look at the splits. So if you have a 90 control pitcher with a 90-80 pitch he hits my radar even if the splits are in the 40's.

Looks like the FA market got highly heated late yesterday as a few whoppers went by the wayside.

The Silent One heard the call of the wild and offered a moose a contract and it wasn't Bullwinkle. Did you know the Silent One graduated with honors from Wossamotta U? Anyway, Moose Brown signed his life away with a contract in Columbus to a tune of $20M per year for 5 years and a $10M signing bonus on top of that. The negotiations must have taken a toll as he lost a point of health after he signed away or maybe he got crabs from Natasha.

Meanwhile Durham signed Alving Gonzales to play somewhere for 2 years as he inked a $5.7M contract. They will find a place as his best position playing days are behind him but is still cocky with a bat.

Since the moose had left the house, Salt Lake decided they should spend their small fortune on Bernie Guzman. Another 5 year $20M deal but only a $2.5M signing bonus.

Salem hit the market up for two setup men in Erubiel Martin and Emilio Feliz, each with a cheap 2 year deal.

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  1. Oh .... how awesome this is!! So glad I now know what "news" is. Well done!