Friday, April 26, 2013


Just got to love the enthusiasm of mcandrews. Just one word of advice, don't fall in love with the game so much that you get 7 or 8 teams right away, you can get burnt out pretty quickly believe it or not. If you want more teams, wait until this season is almost fully over before getting a second. An AL, NL and an experimental team is the way to go. I enjoyed Hoops Dynasty also, but liked Div II the most.

After a while you will get the timing synchronization down to a fine art. It is rather easy for this world, AM cycle 1 occurs around 4AM, AM cycle 2 about 7:30, PM cycle 1 about 12PM, PM cycle 2 about 3:30 PM, PM2 cycle 1 about 8 PM and PM2 cycle 2 about 11:30 PM..all times are EDT. Other worlds can be much earlier or later than this one,  like Erffdogg Memorial is a half hour earlier.

Rolando James became the first big FA to sign and only a Type B. Seems to me a SS with his qualifications would garner a much higher salary but not bad at $6.5M. Salem is very happy with the 5 year deal.

The Memphis Redbirds snagged Alfonso Rios with a 4 year $5M deal. Not sure it was such a great deal with his declining nature.

Alcides Nunez signed by Seattle with a $3.6M 1 year deal. Not the greatest defensive backstops in the game,  but does have the penchant for hitting that could fit right in.

Burke Dickson was the first Type A to sign not sure he should have been myself but... Atlanta seemed to need a short reliever to closer and seems happy with the 4 year deal at $5M plus.

Adrian Brunette landed a 2 year deal at $6M per with Las Vegas. The question on everyones mind is whether he will have one of his glory seasons or just another so-so to apathetic years.

Las Vegas not being done with starting pitching offered Cristobal Lima a 3 year deal at basically $7M per. He couldn't get out of Memphis fast enough after the rough treatment received the last two years.

Kirk Ryan signed with Pawtucket with a promising $5.6M 1 year deal. He just wanted to get back to where it all started.

Andy Cota took the money and ran to Toledo with a $5.4M 3 year deal. Not sure but it looks like he may have been an undocumented minor injury case at the end of last season, either that or he was over worked and under paid.

Las Vegas made another splash while signing Esmailyn Santos with a $4M 2 year deal. Another poor defensive backstop solution with good hitting.

In a surprising deal, Las Vegas also inked Javy Castro to a 2 year $4.4M deal. Not sure I would return to a club that ostracized me once before.

Victor Manzanillo signed to play for the Fighting Pheasants with a $6.4M 4 year deal. Serviceable in CF but would make a much better 2B.

Las Vegas strikes again with the signing of Tony Nunez with a 4 year deal that totals $22M. If nothing else Las Vegas has added some crafty aging vets to go with the youngsters.

Howie Donovan inked a deal that sent shock waves through the party. A 5 year deal at $8.3M and an $8M signing bonus to go with it. A CF with the most is always a big deal, the ladies will flock to the park to see his beefsteak for sure.

Lee James wanted a closers role but is really unsure at how he fits in with the Fighting Pheasants but at $4M for 3 years beggars can't be choosey.

John Trammell may have had the best resume of any pitcher available but whoa Nellie! $71M over 5 years for a pitcher that could hit the DL walking to the mound?

Meanwhile back in Memphis the Redbirds signed Edgar Barcelo to a 4 year $4.7M deal. His CF days look over and could still play a decent 2B but 3B is where he should be.

The Scranton Yankees decided they would find a home for aging veteran Enrique Lucano.  A $3.7M contract for the year seemed appropriate for a player that can still leg out the hits but finding a place to play is another story.

The pitching prize goes to the Fighting Pheasants with the signing of Fausto Sanchez who I though was the best starter available and it was slim pickins.   A nicely put together contract for 5 years will put him in the $7M range for sure.

Scranton got their prize in the form of Pedro Montanez. He had a dreadful part season in Buffalo last year who decided to go a different route. The Yankees are happy spending $9M this year and $13M more for the remainder of his 5 year deal.

That is it in the FA market so far as there is some heavy duty fighting going on over a few solid  vets still remaining on the boards.

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