Saturday, June 8, 2013

Diablo Rebuild

I knew when I took over this team last year that it might be lengthy rebuild. The minors were pretty bare and in all reality still are. Other than rookies, all the talent is at AAA trying to lean how to play baseball. They might be in first place but they are still a motley crew at best. I figured by now I would have at least four players to build around, not sure I have even have two so far, so the rebuild is going to take longer than the three years I originally allotted. I do have a couple decent young players but I am waiting for some big contracts to expire on some sickly players. Speaking of which, have had to purchase some FA vets to supplement my minors recently as a rash of injuries had them riddles. The injuries might have been minor scrapes and bruises but it is tough playing short-handed. Haven't had to that in like forever with any team I've had.

 I picked up Michael Tamura off the waiver wire recently to maybe the disgruntled chagrin of Syracuse. He may not be much to take a chance on but has to be better than Carlos Sojo who was summarily escorted out of El Paso. Tamara didn't like hitting the waiver wire and from the looks of things was not impressed being picked up by this lowly franchise either.

Omar Mercedes is completing his second trip to the DL already this season. He may stay there until someone else happens to make a visit which has happened quite often this season already. Truth be told he pitches well if you can keep him in the game.

As usual for one of my teams, defense comes first.  The reason is simple, when you are rebuilding there is no use to lose games 20-0. We may be 10-18 in 1-run games but at least it shows they are trying. I was actually hoping to have 40 wins at All-Star break. As you can tell we didn't accomplish that goal, 36 is in the neighborhood. I am not sure whose neighborhood.

The last 20 games has me scratching my head again. We just came out of the NL rivalry contests where we lost some heart breakers and had to go to Salt Lake. I looked at the schedule and just shook my head and figured if we can win one here and there it wouldn't be so bad.  We pulled the stingers out of the Bees taking three of four, surprise. Home for some Pheasant hunting looked promising but dropping the first two was not entertaining, besides we usually beat up those turkeys late in the season. Figured a relaxing trip to Durham would get us rolling again. Remind me next time to take the ML club instead of the rookie squad, still suffering from PTSD over that series. Then it was off to Boise before having guests arrive in the form of Pawtucket and OK City. Taking seven of 10 from them was invigorating once again. 

Last year we played just over .500 ball to finish the year. Will the same thing happen again this year? Guess we will just have to wait and see.

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