Wednesday, June 19, 2013

International Update

Joaquin Reyes was pinched by the Toledo Mud Hens for $5.3M. Listed as a CF but could be a better 2B which is what Toledo thinks also. Has good usable speed along with a good eye, contact and decent splits. The hitting abilities are marred by the lack of durability which could relegate him to the bottom of the order to maximize innings. A good buy.

 Vic Portillo was signed by the El Paso Diablos for $5.2M. Listed as RF but more inclined to think of him as a LF. Has a very good eye and power but lacks making contact with maybe above average splits. Most probably bought to strengthen hitting in the minors as he may or may not make the majors.

All eyes were being adjusted to the singing of Larry Nolan by the New Britain Rock Cats for $13M. His defensive catching skills aren't great but PC is good enough to overlook those inadequacies. Very good eye, power with decent splits and contact will make many pitchers to out think themselves. Now whether to use him as a catcher or DH may depend on personnel but will play in the majors for a very long time. Great acquisition.

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