Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Filthy Forty

Yup, that is right, only 40 more games to go for some of us.  So who has the inside scoop on the playoffs.

AL East

The division crown is up in the air a bit. The Bees are on a 5 game tear and have distanced themselves from the pack a little. The Pheasants are hanging tough and are within striking distance, a far cry from previous seasons though. Fargo is on a L7 disappointment starting in El Paso and haven't recovered putting a huge damper on their chances.

AL North

Rochester looked as though they were going to run away but suddenly can't seem to get things in gear. New Britain has closed the gap and 3 games look doable but then again their schedule doesn't like them. Pawtucket is in the mix but can't seem to sustain momentum.

AL South

Richmond got off to a great start but since All-Star break just hasn't been the same. Even with Richmond playing dig days, Montgomery hasn't effectively taken advantage but has gained serious ground. Jacksonville knows they probably can't catch the other two but have their eyes focused on that last wild card spot. El Paso has won 17 of their last 23 and believe it or not have not gained much at all on anybody except the division leader. 

AL West

Salem can sleepwalk the rest of the season, 10 wins should seal the division crown and #1 seed already. Omaha and Boise are trying to keep pace with the wild cards. Ok City and
mcandrews deserves a little pat on the back, rookie season and more than likely will not lose 100 games.

NL North

Looks like the dream season for Toledo is falling apart as Buffalo and Scranton have caught up and are ready for a three way to the very end.  bigparb13 came in and saved the Ions bacon and could very easily still win 55 games, Congrats!

NL East

The Louisville Bats might be putting cork into the sticks as they breeze their way to the division crown. They are fighting for the #1 seed.  The rest of the division have their tail between their legs and licking their wounds.

NL South

Jackson hasn't seen a title in so long they don't know how to behave being in first but they better.  New Orleans is marching to their favorite Saint song as they near closer to Jackson. 

NL West

Vancouver is just a mere shell of previous seasons as they are struggling to keep a hold on first place and fight for the #1 seed. Las Vegas under new ownership has wormed their way into the playoff hunt as well as fighting for the division crown.  Seattle seems to be loving veggie lasagne on the menu.

NL may not be a happy place as the end draws nigh, 8 teams and only 6 spots. Someone is going home empty handed.

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