Saturday, June 8, 2013

Interntionl News

Ivan Carrasco went to the bank with $15.7M of Redhawk money yesterday. That is a lot of dough for a kid that looks like an every day catcher. He really looks comfortable behind the plate though he has trouble concentrating on the ball at times, he might be thinking about the Playboy in his locker. At the plate he is a good hitter but not dramatic.

Those GM's that didn't have their eyes ogling Carrasco missed out on the opportunity to snag Omar Ordaz who went for the paltry sum of $17.3M. The Ions were worried? I imagine several teams did the same thing I did and put all their money in one bid and pray. Thinking it over, I may have been lucky not to get him. Yeah the scouts love him, but he is 20 and for some reason Internationals just don't develop well if they are not 18 here, not sure why. If he does develop however, he will definitely become a #1 starter even with his less than powerful velo. Is he Cy Young capable remains to be seen but it could happen.

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