Monday, August 26, 2013


Enrique Cruz was offered $6.2M by the Oklahoma City Indians. He could be a nice addition to the pen as a long reliever as I don't think he has enough Stamina/Durability to be a starter. Being a bit of a Health risk also didn't help his going price very much. However his pitching abilities are definitely not in question as they could be top-notch. For the price a very good buy.

Onelki Santos chased down a $5.9M bonus with the Toledo Mud Hens. We will give him the benefit of the doubt that he could be a GG SS. Hitting with power is good but not often and can only do it against lefties maybe. Price might be high as he would probably fall into the second round pick comparatively.

Felipe Diaz sunk in with the Charleston RiverDogs for $4.3M. Health was a risk many turned down.  Pitching abilities are there but could be relegated to to the pen with a lackluster Stamina. Still me thinks it is a relatively good buy.

Yoo-Nah Wang chimed in with a $3.5M buy in with the Boise Hawks. Not sure he has the ability for 3B and may wind up in COF at the ML level if he gets that far. His hitting has lots of power just not much consistency to go with it. Really, everything is in the name and the Yoohoo Girlz just love his bottle.

Lonny Zumaya only gets a mention here because I bid on him initially and was his #1 choice for 4 days. Never got a message that someone else was interested except when he signed, "Money bird gets the worm." grrrr.. For $750K more than one was bidding me thinks.  I like defensive PC catchers but I wouldn't have went that high for him so I am not thoroughly disgusted.

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