Friday, August 2, 2013

Rule 5

There was a lot of picking over in the Rule 5 draft, mainly because there wasn't much to pick from.  Point in fact, Fresno either passed with the first pick not finding anything worth having, messed up the settings or just plainly forgot. Was one of the smaller drafts I have as only 18 were chosen. How many will hit the waiver wire tomorrow is another story.

The first player taken was Morgan Brantley by Burlington.  Huh, why didn't I protect him? Truthfully, if he was a real SS I would have but other than that, oh well.  Not much of a hitter, does have speed but the best he could play is 3B/RF.

Dana Schalk went second being picked up by Durham. He was #1 in my chart and probably many more. Why not, he could be a GG at 2B or CF. Has speed but isn't a great hitter.

Next we had Norfolk taking Michael Lee. Listed as a 1B but to me that is very debatable.  At the plate he isn't half bad with a little pop in the ole bat and could get better but we kind of doubt it.

Geovany Montero was picked up by the RiverDogs. RF could be a bit of a stretch but was chosen because of a halfway decent bat and his speed.

The Diablos chimed in next with Tim Sager. I bet Rochester was scratching their head over my pick. I actually thought about this for quite some time, like off and on for most of the day. Just needed a GG backup type to play several positions as I have two other SS's on the roster and both are aging.  So what if he isn't much of a hitter, neither are the other two. Believe it or not I had to look hard to find him as he was ranked in the 90's.

We thought Cristobal Neruda would smile after he was summoned by Albuquerque, it just didn't happen.  Not that great in RF and hitting is pretty blase if you ask me but can blaze a trail to the bathroom.

Fargo got in the act by sending bus tickets to Glen Raymond to play in the wheat fields. 3B? In whose dreams? RF is a iffy maybe even though comparatively just as good.  Does have the keenness to slap the ball around with a little pop and steal a base here and there.

Santo Peralta became the first pitcher taken. Little Rock loves the selection and he could be a very nice Setup B type pitcher.

Syracuse snagged Minnie King without batting an eyelash. The only catcher taken as there wasn't anything to be proud of in that realm. Wonder if he was named after Pearl?  It was easy to see why New Orleans didn't protect him as he isn't much of a catcher. Hits with power and terrorizes lefties. Question remains as to whether he could be a DH.

Iowa City went for some pen help also with the likes of Albert Upshaw. He could be a nice addition as a Setup B role. My thoughts is if he doesn't improve after this season, he could very likely find his way back to the minors.

Omaha picks Ricky Farrell for the pen. Our thoughts here is that he might look decent on paper but not on the field.

Nick Osborne picked Dover, yup you read Nick is listed as a 2B, I'm wondering if he can actually find it. Could have some fun at COF though.  Hits with awesome power when he isn't striking out that is which is probably most of the time. Everybody likes to watch hem waddle around the bases also.

Willis Miller was the only starting pitcher chosen in the first round. Not sure Jackson was really happy or not about the selection. Willis does have control issues as he is either bouncing them across the plate or sneaking them by the batters at eye level, sometimes near the eyes.

Andy Simms was the last player taken in the first round as Scranton made a conciliatory offer.  Listed as a SS but most would put him nowhere but 3B at the ML level. Not a bad hitter as he makes the other team work for the out at least.

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