Thursday, August 22, 2013

For the Lack of Anything Better

It has been the most boring season I have ever seen. I have seen 30 plus Internationals and haven't seen one yet that is really worth bidding on though I do have one of those hard to find cream pies on the radar. He is holding out to see if someone else bites I guess.

It is hard when you are this far in the season and the highest paid player is Felipe Diaz who was yanked from the rolls with a seemingly generous offer of $4.3M by Charleston. He really looks like he could be a great ML middle reliever at some point if he doesn't trip over a rosin bag and break his arm.

Yoo-Nah Wang tied up loose ends and joined Boise for $3.5M. Not real sure he can play 3B all that well if at all and might wind up at COF or 1B if at all.  Has all kinds of power but has to hit the ball first which doesn't look like a priority.

I would tell ya about the teams in first place, the pretenders etc..but everyone can look at the standings and see that. And they do look very odd to me.

I could tell ya about Albuquerque, they are the best 6-27 team I have ever seen in my life time here. The only thing I can't tell ya about is their managerial settings. I have looked at the box scores and players for the last 6 or 7 games and can't find anything out of the way.

Then again look at my team. Yeah, we don't have the great pitching but we are not getting clobbered. We can field but hitting is something totally foreign to these guys for some reason. I am so confused I have given up any hope.

Maybe something will happen that is exciting enough to really write about soon.

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