Monday, August 12, 2013

AL Prognostication

There is a two day window before the season stats for this and normally I take advantage of it. This time around though real life got in the way of my fake life which happens from time to time. Better late than never I think, ohh gave that up years ago.

AL North
Last year Salt Lake won the division crown. Will they prevail again? They have the personnel to do it. They will be pestered all season long from their division mates but have the fortitude to do it again.
Syracuse has made great strides to become competitive and they are very close. They will give Salt Lake a run for their money but lack depth in the pitching department that is still in the throws of strengthening in the minors.
Rochester has enough in the tank to be misleading but if anything goes wrong there isn't much in the recovery wagon to be hopeful for.
Fargo is relatively young with some key vets thrown in. They are looking better than past teams but are not quite ready for the limelight as of yet.

AL East
This division could be wild and wooly as all four teams will be highly competitive.  Rochester won it all last year but now they are under new management and reside in Dover. They have some aging vets holding on for one more season so it may not be easy for them.
New Britain does look the strongest. Any team that decides Wascar Martin can't play at the ML level must be loaded.
The Durham Bulls may be an up and comer. They have been rebuilding and it could be time for the dividends to pay off but somewhere the youthfulness eludes me.
Pawtucket are no slouches either and could darn their way into the playoff picture also.

AL South
Last year half of the playoff teams came from this division, don't expect a repeat performance..err well maybe. Don't look now but this could actually be a four horse race.
After looking things over, Montgomery appears to have the strongest team but can they recapture the crown?
Jacksonville looks good enough to move up in the world.
Richmond doesn't look like last years team for some reason.
El Paso might just be a dark horse surprise that can't be taken lightly.

AL West
Salem won the World Series last season and looks to repeat that feat and has the team ready and willing to do it.
Both Boise and Omaha may have something to say about that however. They aren't going to roll over and play dead as both a very playoff worthy.
Oklahoma City is biding their time rebuilding and what a rebuild it is shaping up to be.

This is gonna be tough as I am throwing the crystal ball out the window for false information this year so far.

1. Salem 
2. Salt Lake
3. Montgomery
4. New Britain
5. Syracuse 
6. Omaha in a very cramped tight one. 

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