Monday, August 5, 2013

Hall Of Fame Voting

Yes it Hall Of Fame voting time and as usual it brings a few tense moment between owners and their favorites.  The most important thing is that you vote. Now there was a little chatter about Cesar Chavez.

I actually like Chavez to be in the Hall one day but in my opinion there are better players.  He has the hardware and pretty decent stats and was more impressed with his RBI's and Stolen Bases.  The let down to me was the amount of strike outs per season and the number of home runs hit. He was after all in a somewhat neutral home park, can't remember if this one favors pitchers or hitters in its neutrality but it isn't much.

As comparison, I offer Adam Carter who did more with a bat with a hell of lot less plate appearances than Chavez. Of course I am not voting for Carter either though I think he deserves heavy consideration also even though he was primarily a DH.

I did vote for Pat Anderson because it isn't easy to get a power hitter that played a decent 2B. His entire career with one organization is not an easy accomplishment also. Yeah, his home park was neutral to Home Runs but it favors pitchers heavily.

Grover Singleton drew high marks from me as did Nicky Throneberry and Chick Hogan along with Carter.

McKay Cassidy, Stone Coveleski, Vin Kerr, Albie Marrero, Fernando Mercado, Reid Monroe, Turner Rollins, Phil Stevenson and Jeremi Webster drew interest from me in the pitching department.

I finally settled on Cassidy, Kerr, Marrero and Monroe. If I had another vote I would have went with Mercado.

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