Monday, August 26, 2013


Okay, will have to do this in code a bit so as not to give that many hints but will discuss the top ten players on my board and how I am handling them. My scouting is 14 all the way around so there is some lead way for error on my part. What slots they will fall in will actually change daily as I rethink things

1. Overall 87-SS: Bad arm, good hitting, anemic health. Make a good 2B/3B. The health is too scary so I sent him to the curb.

2. Overall 86-2B: Not that great at 2B and his arm really isn't good enough for RF either. Good hitter with power unfortunately he hit the curb also because of his Bio. Though I have thought about changing my approach and taking him with the 6th overall pick and get the pick next year as his chances of signing are very slim but worth the chance.

3. Overall 83-LF: I moved him down the board to the 8th slot because the best he could be is a 1B. Could be a very good OBP hitter with a little pop and I might reconsider.

4. Overall 82-SS: Could be that big GG SS but hitting isn't that great. Not real keen on his lackluster Makeup but is in the 3rd slot at the moment.

5. Overall 82-P: The best starting pitcher on my board and meeting the projecteds is gonna be tough. I don't see him as a Cy Young candidate but needs says he has to be in my #1 slot.

6. Overall 81-3B: 3B is very doubtful at the ML level and might struggle to find a position in all reality.  One of those that is too good for 1B but not good enough for COF. Hitting could be good with some power. Under the circumstances he winds up in the 7 spot.

7. Overall 81-2B: 2B is not really his forte though it is close. Hitting looks good but deceiving I think. To me he projects too high to be viable but only pushed down to the 6th spot.

8. Overall 81-SS: SS is very doubtful except in a backup role but would make a very good 3B and maybe 2B. Hitting isn't great but does have some power. Currently resides in the 4th spot.

9. Overall 80-2B: Could be a GG 2B/CF, well he projects there anyway. Health is an issue. Hitting might be on the powerful side but may be inconsistent. I actually kicked him to the curb.

10. Overall 80-LF: Best he could be is a 1B. Could be a surprisingly good hitter. I have no need for 1B so he got pushed down a long way.

11. Overall 80-SS: Could be an outstanding 3B as he is no where near SS status. Hits well but the contact just isn't there to be too successful. May have to rethink him but still won't make my top ten.

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