Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NL Prognostication

Since everyone is waiting with baited breath.

NL North

Scranton held off Buffalo last year for the division crown after a phenomenal start by Toledo. They certainly don't make it easy. After looking thing over quite carefully I tend to think Scranton has the better overall team if used correctly. In my estimation Toledo may have the better pitching staff but the offense is lacking and may succumb to the "Dog Days".  Buffalo looks to be right there and once again will go down to the wire and I definitely don't count them out. Burlington has taken it in the shorts the last couple of seasons and this one will be no exception as it rebuilds but will flabbergast teams at home.

NL East

Louisville ran away with the division last year and they assume it will again this year, could that be a misconception?  Now to the meat and bones of the situation believe it or not.  Louisville actually has the best lineup at the moment though not by much and the worst pitching staff of the four. So it should turn out to be tight race between all four. Augusta is playing short handed for a while and I can see why and could clearly turn things up a notch shortly. I would put more faith in the River Dogs if they had a better semblance of a catcher.  I like the Tides pitching staff but the offense lacks the oommphh.

NL South

New Orleans and Jackson fought to the end last season with the Zeps coming out on top. Don't let the start of the season foll anybody. New Orleans and Jackson will be poking at each other in the end. Iowa City is a sleeper and will be very tough to beat at home. Little Rock is improving but too many ferocious opponents will make them travel too far.

NL West

Vancouver has owned this division for a while even though Las Vegas made a great showing last season. Don't expect a repeat performance as the Canadians should be triumphant and could easily reach the promised land this time around. Las Vegas is an interesting place to play and its players are deceiving but we don't think they have what it takes. Fresno and Albuquerque just don't have enough tigers in the tank to sustain a long season.

Yeah, the upset of the season since I am going with my heart in choosing Augusta and Buffalo over Louisville.

1. New Orleans
2. Vancouver
3. Scranton
4. Augusta
5. Buffalo
6. Jackson

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